Child Support

The Circuit Clerk's offices no longer process payments for child support or maintenance.

Please mail your payments to:
PO BOX 109002
Jefferson City, MO 65110-9002

You may pay with the following methods:
• Personal Checks, Cashier Checks, or Money Orders
• Include your Court Order number and/or your MACSS case ID number (A unique case number that is assigned by the Family Support Division) to ensure your payment is posted correctly.
• You will not receive a receipt, so it is up to you to keep records of your transactions.
• Be sure your name and return address on your envelope is legible.
• Please note that the FSPC (Family Support Payment Center) does not issue checks. They will either electronically deposit the payment into your bank account, -or- they will issue you a "SecuritE Card" (similar to a Debit Card) and load the payments as they are received. For more information regarding setting up this option, please call (888) 761-3665.

For payment information call (800) 225-0530. You will need to have your MACSS ID number ready before you call since you will be instructed to enter that number into their automated system. Once you have entered your correct ID number, you will have access to the last three (3) payments made. For any other information concerning your account, call (888) 761-6390. This is the Customer Service line and will be answered by an actual person.